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Bathroom Remodel: Choosing the Right Countertops

Thursday, June 8, 2017

A bathroom remodel is not quite as overwhelming as a typical kitchen remodel, but many of the same design decisions are in play. Bathrooms are often smaller but budget remains a concern when it comes to creating your dream.

Bathroom remodels allow for broader scope of countertop choices when you consider that hot pots and sharp knives are removed from the equation. However, bathroom countertops must hold up to humidity, hot curling irons, cosmetic stains and moisturizers.

Steps in choosing Bathroom Countertops:

  1. Decide if the countertop will blend or be the focal point.
  2. Think about the amount of use and traffic in the room.
  3. Choose the type and style of sink you prefer.
  4. Understand your lighting needs.

When choosing a countertop for a bathroom remodel your options should be defined by your budget, color choices and level of care involved. If you are happy with neutrals or you are looking for a dramatic countertop you have plenty of choices from the list below. Bear in mind that darker surfaces tend to show every speck of dust and bathrooms often have very direct strong lighting.

Granite Countertops

Granite is a naturally occurring stone and an excellent choice for durability, color and design. Granite countertops can allow for dramatic movement and a vast choice of colors created by nature. Expensive and dramatic granite makes the perfect focal point if your budget allows. Neutral and quiet patterns of granite are also a sensible choice for durability and ease of maintenance.
The pros of choosing granite countertops are:

Quartz Countertops

Quartz is a manufactured product that is tougher than granite and needs almost zero maintenance. Familiar brand names include LG Hausys Viatera, Silestone, and Han Stone. Quartz is the top choice for bathroom remodels when it comes to durability and bold color options.

The pros of choosing quartz countertops are:

  • Quartz is very durable and requires no sealers.
  • Quartz is very low maintenance and easy to clean.
  • Quartz is resistant to moisture, bacteria, and stains.

Solid Surface Countertops

Solid-surface materials are made of acrylic resin and crushed stone. Top brands include LG Hausys, Corian, Staron, Wilson Art, and Livingstone. Sinks and backsplashes can be seamlessly integrated into the countertop.

The pros of choosing solid surface countertops are:

  • Solid Surface is durable, minor damage can be buffed out.
  • Solid Surface is nearly seamless.
  • Solid Surface is water, stain and bacteria resistant.

Marble Countertops

Marble is a naturally occurring stone that is considered cool, classic, and timeless. Marble also has a reputation for being less durable and requires frequent maintenance and care.

The pros of choosing marble countertops are:

  • Marble is timeless and classic.
  • Marble ages with a patina that has no comparison.
  • Marble is durable enough to resist minor damage.


Choosing the right countertop for your bathroom remodel should match your design vision, budget, and the maintenance you are willing to provide to make your dream bathroom a reality.

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